tree-to-chocolate tour

Embark on a Tree-to-Chocolate Tour with our knowledgeable guides where you’ll explore our cacao orchards, walk through our chocolate processing facilities, peer into the chocolate kitchen and learn about the tree-to-chocolate journey.


Experience a living, working cacao farm.

1-hour educational and entertaining walking or riding tour (we have adorable mini buses!).

See how chocolate is made - from pods on trees to final product!


butterfly house experience

The Lavaloha Butterfly House is a self-guided experience. See live butterflies and caterpillars amidst an enclosed floral garden. No reservations required. Open 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Please check in at the Visitor Center. Admittance is $5 per person. Book online or walk-in.


Count butterflies as the flutter overhead.

Search for caterpillars amongst the crown flower plants.

Experience the life cycle of butterflies firsthand.