Visit a Hilo Chocolate Farm!



We are growers and makers of 100% single origin, Hawaiian chocolate.  We have a 1,000 acre farm located 10 minutes above Downtown Hilo. We believe we’ve got something very special here and would like to share this place with you.  E hele mai!  E komo mai!  You are welcome here!



The Hawaiian word for chocolate is kokoleka.  We are proud to be a completely vertically integrated cacao farm.  Because we grow and make all of our chocolate right here on the farm, we are able to monitor and control the complete process of chocolate making.  This results in a very distinct flavor that is representative of our terroir. We invite you to come experience our chocolate firsthand.

We raise our cacao trees using sustainable practices.  Our farm crew handpicks the cacao pods at optimal ripeness.  Our chocolate makers closely monitor the entire fermentation process and hand sort the beans before they even hit the roaster.  The result is high quality, award-winning chocolate complete with our signature all-natural, plant-based “lava marbling.” Why lava marbling?  Because we’re from the Big Island. Lava is kind of our thing.



We offer a fun Tree-to-Chocolate tour where you’ll get to see our cacao orchards, pick a fresh pod from the trees, walk through our chocolate factory and hang out in our chocolate lounge.  The tour is about an hour long, and it’s gotten some great reviews on Yelp. We’re pretty proud of what we’re doing here and think you’ll have a great time on the tour! We offer the tour 7 days per week, 4 times per day.  If you’d like to book the tour, we recommend booking online or calling ahead. We do accommodate walk-ins but are not able to guarantee availability!