Lavaloha Chocolate

Single Origin | Grown in Volcanic Soil | Made in Hilo, Hawaii

Single Origin | Grown in Volcanic Soil | Made in Hilo, Hawaii

The Hawaiian word for chocolate is kokoleka.  We are proud to be a completely vertically integrated cacao farm.  Many chocolate makers are bean-to-bar. We take it a step farther, we consider ourselves to be tree-to-chocolate. Because we grow and make all of our chocolate right here on the farm, we are able to monitor and control the complete process of chocolate making.  This results in a very distinct flavor that is representative of our terroir. We invite you to come experience our chocolate firsthand.

We raise our cacao trees using sustainable practices.  Our farm crew handpicks the cacao pods at optimal ripeness.  Our chocolate makers closely monitor the entire fermentation process and hand sort the beans before they even hit the roaster.  The result is high quality, award-winning chocolate complete with our signature all-natural, plant-based “lava marbling.” Why lava marbling?  We’re from the Big Island of Hawaii. This is our way of celebrating our unique island home.

All of our chocolate comes in bark form and is sold in re-sealable bags. We have 5 oz and 2 oz bag sizes available.


Pure Collection

Pure single origin Hawaiian chocolate swirled with lava marbling captivates chocolate-lovers looking for an authentic taste of Hilo, Hawaii.


pure collection flavors

Extra Dark Chocolate (90% cacao)

Dark Chocolate (70% cacao)

Milk Chocolate (50% cacao)

White Chocolate (35% cocoa butter)

Chocolate Sampler - 70% dark, milk and white chocolate bark

Sizes: 2 oz bag ($7.99), 5 oz bag ($14.99)


Color Collection

Our Color Collection adds island flavors that perfectly compliment our single origin Hawaiian chocolate. Whenever possible, we grow our own ingredients or source them from our neighbors.


color collection flavors

Dark Chocolate with Hawaiian Chili Peppers (70% cacao)

Dark Chocolate with Orange Zest (70% cacao)

White Chocolate with Cacao Nibs (35% cocoa butter)

Milk Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts (50% cacao)

Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt (50% cacao)

Sizes: 2 oz bag ($7.99), 5 oz bag ($14.99)


Cacao Products

Our award-winning cocoa beans are available for sale as non-chocolate products. This is a great way for a chocolate-lover to get their chocolate fix in its purest form.



Roasted Cocoa Beans

Sizes: 2 oz bag ($5.99), 5 oz bag ($12.99), 16 oz bag ($29.99)

Cocoa Nibs

Sizes: 2 oz bag ($5.99), 5 oz bag ($12.99), 16 oz bag ($29.99)

Cocoa Butter

Sizes: 2 oz bag ($19.99), 5 oz bag ($39.99), 16 oz bag ($69.99)

Cocoa Powder

Sizes: 2 oz bag ($4.99), 5 oz bag ($8.99), 16 oz bag ($22.99)



Online ordering coming soon! Until then, here’s how to get a hold of our awesome chocolate and products:

  1. In-person. Stop by our Visitor Center & Gift Shop located at 1820 Amauulu Road, Hilo, HI 96720. We’re open 7 days a week!

  2. Phone order. Give us a call at (808) 987-3649 to place a phone order. We take credit cards over the phone. Shipping available.

  3. Email. Email us at to place your order. We’ll send over our shipping information.

Wholesale orders are available for a limited number of retailers. Please click here to complete our online wholesale application.