Lavaloha and Mahilani

Mahilani is the the name of the 1000 acre farm that Lavaloha tours cover and where Lavaloha cacao trees and chocolate are grown and produced. Outlined in yellow in the Google Map below, the farm is just outside of the town of Hilo, Hawaii. It's about five miles from Downtown Hilo, and less than ten miles from the airport and the port of Hilo, and the Banyan Drive Hotels.

The Farm:   

The farm, Mahilani (heavenly farm) ranges in altitude from about 950' altitude to 2400'. The total length of the property is almost four miles. It has range land, crop land, forest, and a conservation forest, and is bordered on the north side by the Pukihae stream. 

The undulating shape of this land was formed by lava flows from Mauna Kea about 200,000 years ago. Subsequent ash eruptions added 15' of clay on top of the lava rock. Many of the lava tubes collapsed, and produced the gulches that appear throughout this area. These gulches hold streams that help drain the 200 inch annual rainfall.

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The Logo:

All the Hawaiian islands arose from the ocean as a result of lava flows. The orange represents the hot lava. As the lava cools it is first red and then a purple gray. Vegetation then covers the lava, and eventually the islands will wear away, and be blue ocean again. Lavaloha’s colors show this transition, as does the name itself.


Jeff Gaeth is an amazing composer and musician who plays on the Big Island. We hope to have him and his band play here for special events. Learn more about Jeff at http://www.jeffgaeth.com/.